Choosing an analyser?, Choossing a test team? , How to monitor your workplace? 
The above questions are just a few examples which arise when you begin the journey of monitoring your environment.  
Others questions include: 
Which equipment is chosen ? 
Is it suitable for my working environment 
Does it comply with local authority or Environment Agency standards 
Is there a method of operation 
How do I report results  
Case Study :Environmental Monitoring were asked to find a solution to monitor a particular solvent emission. 
The initial investigation involves a site visit ( but not always) 
Our information gathering starts with contacting the regulatory authority and getting the neccesary document that the LA(local authority) or EA whishes to enforce. 
We then lookat at the physical paparameters - location, temperatures, pressures and flows 
Finally we recommend a analyser solution and a data acquisition method 
in this case we required a pid that would work outdoors at low temperatures ( i..e when condensing gas would be present).  
We were able to specify a good product for this specific application, avoiding the pitfalls that an unexperienced operator might face. 
The final stage is the data handling - being able to specify either a data reporting software or how to use the raw data and compile a report 
Cost: Prices start from £500