Casella HAVex Vibration Meter 
Product Details 
The HAVex Tri-Axial Hand Arm Vibration Meter has been specifically designed for Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Measurements. It‘s an easy to use meter that measures the levels of vibration transmitted to the hand from power tools, vehicles, machine controls and other vibration sources. 
The use of handheld power tools in many industries can 
result in Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which is 
a painful and disabling disorder affecting the blood vessels, 
nerves and joints of the hand. 
The data is clearly displayed on the meter screen for instant checking of levels. The HAVex VibData Lite program, which is supplied with the instrument, allows you to download the measurements for further analysis and for storage of your data, as required by the regulations. Simply connect your instrument using the supplied USB cable to download the data. You can highlight high levels and easily create custom tables and reports. 
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