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Crowcon Gastec MK5 FID 
Product Details 
The Crowcon MK5 FID is the newest version which is built in bright orange and blue, it has the same design concept as the basic unit but with a dew added features which include: 
Automatic data logging at a pre-set of 1 reading per second 
GPS location mapping system 
Digital display 
Simple spark feature 
22 hour battery life 
60 hour gas cylinder when full 
The unit was designed for pipe leak detection, wlakover surveys, in non-hazardous areas and contaminated land surveys. 
Whilst the unit is predominatly calibrated using methane, it can respond to all other hydrocarbons making it ideal for paint spraybooth monitoring.  
Few points to consider: 
These FIDs are designed to be used at ambient temps but dislike the cold, so it is important to keep then in a warm environment prior to use 
FIDs also dislike water, so make sure that no water is sucked up the probe 
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