Water Tape 
Product Details 
The economical water tape is used for measuring static water levels in wells, boreholes and standpipes. The water tape will signal water with a visual (LED) signal and an auditory (beep) allowing the user to measure accurate to 1/100’ or to each mm. A carry case comes included to protect your instrument from the elements. 
Features included with the water tape: 
• Electronic Module (IP65) – removable for easy 
cleaning and servicing 
• Probe (IP68) – 5/8” fully pressure/depth rated 
• Tape – Polyethylene, reinforced with Kevlar – 
markings in metric (mm) or engineering scale 
• Carry Bag – to protect your water level meter from 
the elements 
• Tape Guide and Hanger – to support the meter at the 
well head and to protect the tape from sharp edges 
on the well casing 
• Vinyl Holding Grip – molded to the frame, 
ergonomic easy grip 
• Winding Handle – custom made for easy rewinding 
with gloved hands 
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