Biogas Monitor measures CO2,CH4,O2,H2S,H2,CO 
This effective and efficient gas monitor makes biogas monitoring vey simple 
The handheld magnetic monitor is packed with features for around £4K 
It Can measure up to 7 gases plus temperature and pressure 
Features: include mobile phone remote data viewing 
Measure Range Accuracy Resolution Type 
O2 0-25% +/-0.2% 0.01% EC 
CH4 0-100% +/-0.2% 0.01% NDIR 
CO2 0-100% +/-0.3% 0.01% NDIR 
H2S 0-5000ppm +/- 5ppm 1ppm EC 
H2 0-2000ppm +/- 5ppm 1ppm EC 
CO 0-10,000 +/- 10ppm 1ppm EC 
Flow 30-100m/S 
Datalogger- 16,000 storage points, 2gb data on sd card 
This compact unit allos you to take simultaneous measurement of gas, flow , temperature and pressure 
The unit is designed to work in harsh environments 
We can provide fixed options as well