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Testing/ Training Services 
Environmental Monitoring can offer a number of cost efficient testing services. 
Our clients often require assistance in understanding the method and mechanism of monitoring or in applying the method to the equipment and the interperatation of the results.  
In short, how to use the kit and get the results and understand what they mean. 
We are able to provide test assistance in : 
Workplace noise and dosimetry monitoring 
Workplace dust monitoring 
Work place VOC monitoring( real time/ gravimetric) 
Work place IAQ monitoring 
Workplace spore monitoring 
Workplace Welding fume monitoring 
Workplace metals monitoring 
Workplace respirable crystaline silica 
Hydrogen Sulphide Testing Kit 
Air Quality Monitoring 
Toxic gas Monitoring 
Isokinetic Sampling 
Testing in accordance with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive see link 
Guidance Information 
Choosing an analyser?, Choosing a test team? , How to monitor your workplace? 
The above questions are just a few example questions which arise when you begin the journey of monitoring your environment.  
Others questions include: 
Which equipment to chose? 
Is it suitable for my working environment? 
Does it comply with local authority or Environment Agency standards? 
Is there a method of operation? 
How do I report/understand the results?  
Case Study: 
Environmental Monitoring were asked to find a solution to monitor a particular solvent emission. 
The initial investigation involved a site visit (but this isn't always necessary) 
Our information gathering started with contacting the regulatory authority and getting the neccesary document that the LA (Local Authority) or EA (Environment Agency) whishes to enforce. 
We then looked at at the physical parameters - location, temperatures, pressures and flows. 
Finally we recommended an analyser solution and a data acquisition method. 
In this example, we required a pid (Photo Ionisation Detector) that would work outdoors at low temperatures ( i.e. when condensing gas would be present).  
We were able to specify a good product for this specific application, avoiding the pitfalls that an unexperienced operator might face. 
The final stage was the data handling - being able to specify either a data reporting software or how to use the raw data and compile a report 
Cost: Prices start from £500 
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