TUFF Personal Sampling Pump

*Price includes charger*
The Casella Tuff Sampler is an affordable 0 to 4.5lpm basic sample pump. It can be used for general monitoring and workplace monitoring.
Typical applications include:
Monitoring for workplace dust exposure levels, and monitoring for respirable crystalline silica, often present in process that involve rock and quarrying.
One of the newest sampling applications is the use of samplers such as this and the Apex 2 for bio-aerosol monitoring of composting activities and MBT’s (Mechanical Biological Treatment)
Where the standard mode of sampling used to be the Anderson type impactor. The new standard is going to involve the use of the Tuff and the Apex 2 for Bio-aerosol
Other areas of use include:
Workplace gas sampling: Hydrocarbon absorption tube can be used with a low flow adapter so that the Tuff pump can draw at lower flow rates suitable for the charcoal absorption tubes
A range of sampling heads is available for the Tuff and Apex 2 pumps including the IOM sample head and the cyclone
Environmental Monitoring offer a calibration service for the pump and a choice of calibration kits
3 versions - Standard, Plus and Pro
Flow range 0.8 to 4.5 lpm
Optional low flow adapter 5 to 750ml
Battery life(ext Battery) 38 hrs
Accuracy +/- 3%
IS and non IS verions
Work place dust monitoring

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