Burst Bag Detection - Goyen N6-BD

The Goyen N6-Burst Bag Detection system forms park of the Goyen Network Systems range of particulate monitors. It is a rugged, industrialised solution for detecting media leakage in large multi-filter applications. 
~ Provides a high-quality and cost-effective solution for detecting media leakage in large multiple-filter applications 
~ Validates raw particulate data 
~ Provides local indication of the relative condition of media in multiple-filter units 
~ Provides dual-level alarm to remote 
~ Transmits alarm status to remote plant control systems for immediate preventative action 
~ Very sensitive, can monitor very small particles, e.g. galvanising fumes. 
~ Sensitivity adjustment to provide wide operation range. 
~ Cost-effective multi-point solution 
~ Clear, local analog display 
~User-configurable ranges and alarm points 
~ Intelligent internal diagnostics 
~ Low maintenance requirement and low cost of ownership 
~ Simplifies and aids the management of filter plant 
~ Reduces the cost of monitoring particulate emissions 
~ Easy to operate and maintain 
~ Sophistication alarm algorithm and 'auto-sense' features reduce false alarms. 
~ Can help reduce filter plant downtime 
~ Networked solution reduces capital outlay 
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