Particulate Emission Trend Monitor

The Goyen N6-Trend Monitor form part of the Goyen Network Systems range of particulate monitors. It is a rugged, industrialised solution for monitoring filter media performance. 
~ Provides a high-quality and cost-effective solution for monitoring multiple-filter media performance. 
~ Indicates, stores and transmits the relation condition of media in multiple-filter units 
~ Validates and calibrates raw particulate data 
~ Provides local and remote alarm functions 
~ Transmits calibrated data to remote data collection systems via 4 to 20 mA outputs 
~ Cost effective multi-point solution 
~ Calibration facility for true quantitative particulate measurements 
~ Clear, local display in both digital and graphical form 
~ User-configurable ranges, alarm points and calibration factors 
~ Intelligent internal diagnostics feature 
~ Sophisticated alarm technology 
~ Intelligent 'auto-sense' feature, ignores offline units 
~ High reliability, no moving parts or delicate optics 
~ Simplifies and aids the management of monitoring particulate emissions 
~ Easy to operate and maintain 
~ Sophisticated alarm algorithm and 'auto-sense' features reduce false alarms 
~ Networked solution reduces initial capital outlay 
~ Networked solution simplifies installation and reduces associated costs 
~ Proven technology and high reliability result in low cost of ownership and minimal downtime 
~ Complete all-in-one solution meets all customer needs.