MicroFID II Portable Flame Ionization Detector

Please call us on 01539 727878 or 07799 626406 to enquire or place an order.
New portable, lightweight, intrinsically safe FID
Applications: landfill walkover surveys, contaminated land, land remediation, hazardous chemical spillages, and fugitive emissions on pharma plants, refineries, and oil and gas rigs.
This unit has:
- a metal hydride gas canister (compact "pencil" canister), so no more hazardous transportation;
- a datalogging system using remote ATEX-certified Bluetooth data acquisition with GPS datalogger;
- a measuring range of up to 50,000ppm concentration (5%).
Fuel capacity 10L
Fuel life 10 hrs
Battery life 15 hrs
Datalogging 24,000 interval mode
Response T90 <3 secs
Range 0-50,000ppm (5%)
Resolution 0.1ppm
Repeatability +/1 2%
Weight 6kg
Size 35.5 x27.5 x 7cm

Also in VOCs & FID/PID

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