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Workplace Exposure Monitoring  

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Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Workplace exposure monitoring is concerned with worker well being 

Within the workplace, a worker may be exposed to various elements that could be harmful to them: 
This may be dust & gas which they breath 
It may be something that effects the skin or that they swallow and ingest. 
It may be noise exposure 

What can em-monitors supply? 

Environmental Monitoring can supply equipment and services to tell you what dust, gas and noise the worker is exposed to. 
This type of monitoring is concerned with what is inhaled by the worker through their mouth and nose. Specific sampling for this must occur within a zone round the nose and mouth called the breathing zone 
This may be a hire or purchase of equipment to meet the HSE methods.  
It may be a hire with assistants again to HSE methods  
Training We can take you through the monitoring methods, and how to apply them.  
This will include:  
Method of monitoring  
Equipment to meet the method  
What to do with results  
Report Writing  
Finally it may be that you hire or buy one of our new real time monitoring systems  
This allows you to monitor and select any of the folowing PM2.5(dust), Nitrogen Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds(voc's), Carbon Dioxide, Carbon monoxide, relative humdity and temperature. 
It can tell you if your air is good , bad or poor all via a handy app or we can send you monthly reports for a small fee.  
Whilst it cant replace exposure monitoring it can indicate when exposure monitoring needs to be done  
For futher information contact: sales@em-monitors.co.uk 
For our rental prices click here this provides the prices for our worker personal exposure pumps( kits) 
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